In the course of the legislative session and the rest of the year, I face countless issues that are important to constituents and to Colorado. Through those experiences, I hope here to provide resources and information on those important issues.

РI have been a leader in Criminal Justice reform. In 2012 I passed the Juvenile Direct File imitations Bill that limits direct file eligibility and provides youth the right to seek judicial review in adult criminal court or juvenile court. This session, I am carrying a bill to offer options to  a peace officer to issue a petty ticket to juveniles.

– I am also a strong advocate for victims. In 2013, I passed legislation to strengthen prosecution for human trafficking and a law that mandates comprehensive reform of current laws to further protect children and victims from domestic violence.

– As a member of the House Committee on Health and Environment, I have been involved in the issue of health care in Colorado. For information on health care, please click here.

– In the three Legislative Sessions that I ran foreclosure bills, I became very involved in the problems with our statewide and national foreclosure practices, rules and procedures. To read on the issues we face in Colorado, as well as to access resources for homeowners facing foreclosure, click here.

Thanks for all your support and help.
Rep Beth McCann