National Health Care Reform in Colorado

Health Care is a major talking point on the federal level, but its effect upon Colorado is also important. Issues include our state budget, the quality of health coverage for Coloradoans, the price of that coverage for the insured, and the challenges to helping the uninsured secure insurance or treatment.

This page is intended to join that conversation by including important resources surrounding those questions on health care in Colorado. Below you will find a number of presentations, pamphlets and other resources to view or download. It is important for us all to stay informed on the impact of health care policy and how Colorado compares to other states.

- Bob Semro of the Bell Policy Center delivered a presentation on the Affordable Care Act at my April 24, 2012 Town Hall. View the slideshow of Bob's Presentation, or read how the ACA affects Coloradoans. You can also view the ACA implementation timeline.

- Patty Fontenau, the Director of the Colorado Health Benefit Exchange, also gave a presentation at that same Town Hall on Health Benefit Exchanges and their role in Health Care coverage. You can view Patty's Presentation on the Colorado Health Benefit Exchange here.


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